Halima Olapade(计算机学院2016级毕业生 & Informatics) fully utilized all of the Steinbright职业发展中心 resources at her disposal, 带她进行了一次穿越美国的旅行.S. 和德国. 她的奉献和努力工作得到了谷歌的工作机会.

Jenna Bechard (工程学院) discusses the value and variety of services at the Steinbright职业发展中心 which prepare students for their job search before entering the workforce.
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Shane Nelson (Class of 2017 – 艺术与科学学院) speaks about his cooperative education 经验, 包括合作101和与行业专业人士一起工作, 以及它如何让他变得出类拔萃.


Co-op presents a chance to learn from a mentor, travel the world, or pursue a passion. This experiential approach to education nurtures driven graduates who are ready to make a real, dramatic impact in their field from day one — and their accomplishments are recognized and valued by all those around them. 事实上, nearly half of all Drexel graduates receive a job offer from a company where they went on co-op, 根据对退休老年人的调查.

Co-op students that found their 经验 relevant to their career objectives.

of co-op participants working full-time had received a job offer from a former co-op employer.


带薪合作公寓的六个月总工资中位数. The majority of co-op positions are full-time and over 75% of positions are paid. 欲了解更多详细信息,请访问 斯坦布莱特职业发展中心的薪资指南网页.

* 2019-2020学年co-op数据


学生可以在三学合作教育(五年)和一学合作教育之间转换 (四年)选项,直到他们在大学的第二年. 之前 开始上课,被录取的学生可以给本科招生官发邮件 at enroll@www.scprl.net 询问关于合作的变更. 一旦注册, 学生应该联系他们的学术顾问来改变他们的合作 计划. 要了解更多关于特定专业的合作教育计划, 请访问 皇冠买球登陆官网的课程目录.

学生在香港中文大学就读期间仍为全日制学生 他们的合作教育,但是他们在合作教育期间不付学费 周期. 这意味着无论学生选择四年制还是 五年制的合作课程,学费是一样的.
就像其他求职一样,雇主更看重学生 经验. 此外,三次合作(五年)期权提供 学生可以灵活地尝试各种不同的雇主类型, 工作和专业机会来决定什么是合适的 职业道路是为他们准备的. 最终,这取决于学生的决定 他们想要的体验类型以及最佳合作选择 与他们的目标.
学生 are supported by their co-op advisor throughout their entire search process. Although not common, some students may not find a co-op by the start of the term. 如果学生在学期开始前没有找到工作, they will enroll in a Strategic Career Planning and Development course while continuing to apply for co-op positions. 学生 will work closely with Steinbright staff to continue their job search and build on their professional skills, 包括建立人脉和面试, 还有他们的简历和求职信.
如果一个学生选择了费城地区的合作社, they can continue to live on campus in the residence halls or in Drexel-affiliated housing while they are working. 如果一个学生选择在更远的地方合作, students primarily are responsible for securing their own housing and transportation for co-op. 一些合作雇主的合作伙伴可能提供住房作为工作的一部分. Other co-op employer partners may provide guidance to help find temporary housing close to their location. 学生 also can live with family or friends while on co-op if they have personal connections in the area.
Each year, roughly 200+ students go out to almost 50 countries around the world for co-op. International co-op is an exciting opportunity 可用 for all students who are interested. 如果您有关于国际合作的问题,请访问 施泰因布莱特职业发展中心的国际合作常见问题.
Drexel does not require that students apply to co-op positions that are related to their major. 学生 can choose to co-op with employers that are unrelated to pursue a passion, 在他们信任的公司工作, 探索一个新的研究领域, 或者其他各种原因. 虽然这不是必须的, most Drexel students will accept co-op positions connected to their major because it aligns with their interests and career goals.
Most Drexel students will work a similar schedule to their full-time counterparts at their employer. 对大多数学生来说,这意味着每周40小时的全职工作. 学生 who accept unpaid co-ops typically work approximately 20 hours per week in their position so that they have time for an additional part-time job to supplement their income.
尚未决定专业的学生有资格参加合作社. 除了在课堂上探索专业, co-op provides students with the opportunity to learn how different careers relate to their academics. This is another learning 经验 to help students identify their passions and choose an area of study that aligns 与他们的目标 after graduation. 一些学生在经历了合作社经历后还会换专业. Our First-Year Career Counseling team is here to guide and support undecided students as they explore their options and ensure they remain on track to meet their goals.
学生可以与1,650年业务, 工业, 政府, 研究, 以及非盈利性合作雇主伙伴. To learn more about opportunities for specific a college or school, 请访问 施泰因布莱特大学出版的《皇冠买球登陆官网》.


Kieran Billmann's co-op with 宾州州立大学应用研究实验室 set him on a path to his current career with the U.S. 在新泽西的海军空战中心.

“合作教育课程太棒了. You can tell they've been doing it for 100 years because it's very well-orchestrated and very well done. 每个人都在帮助你. 每个人都给了我一些关于如何做得更好的信息. So, 当真正需要找份工作的时候, 我对面试感到很舒服,因为我已经有很多面试了."


与费城创业公司Lia诊断合作, Riley Stanford created a patent-pending film for the firm's flushable pregnancy test, 哪个更接近商业化.

“参与这个项目,我感到非常自豪. 他们所做的对环境和女性都有好处, 这两件事都是我非常关心的. The Drexel co-op system ultimately gave me the chance to see everything through and effect change for the company."


Brian Lofink is one of Philadelphia's most high-profile chefs and he says it likely wouldn't have happened without the opportunity to co-op for acclaimed chef and five-star restaurateur Georges Perrier of Le Bec Fin fame.

“没有在特定的合作社工作, 我不确定我能在餐饮业坚持这么久. It was such an intense period — immersive learning — that it set up my whole career. 它让我超越了我的同龄人,因为, 在我离开的时候, I was 24 years old and had worked in one of the best restaurants in the city with 世界上最好的厨师之一."

布莱恩Lofink ' 03,
食物 & 热情好客